LockedLove™ Love Lock Bracelet + Necklace


How strong is your relationship?

If your love is tougher than steel. then you're going to love LockedLove™! you can now put that on display and let this beautifully handcrafted necklace + bracelet show there's just one special person who has the exact key to your heart.

LockedLove™ winds around the wrist to showcase a heart, lock, and key pendants, symbolizing that love is forever. One partner can wear the key necklace while the other wears the heart locked in the bracelet. This super cute and interactive jewelry set is perfect for any occasion!

Why do you need LockedLove™?

✔️Modern and Meaningful
The sleek combination of the heart, lock, and key elements with polished rhodium plating, plus the seamless finish of these silver-plated bangles create a timeless masterpiece. It's modern-looking yet classic.

✔️Beautiful Design
The best part of LockedLove™ is that the heart and the key of the bracelet and the necklace respectively represent the promises you make in love. It also indicates that the only key to your lover's heart is you!

✔️Premium Quality
LockedLove™ isn't just beautiful but also designed to last a lifetime. Handcrafted from top-quality titanium steel, our jewelry is hypoallergenic and doesn't tarnish.

✔️Perfect Gift
Whether it's for your girlfriend, wife, or even just a gift for yourself, the LockedLove™ will be a great reminder of your enduring love.

✔️One size fits it all
Our LockedLove™ is designed in such a way that it fits every wrist so that you do not have to worry about sizing! 


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