ChirpGlow LED Table Lamp


Discover the ChirpGlow Table Lamp – more than just a light, it's a warm hug for your space. Its adorable bird design brings a smile, and the touch switch lets you weave your own stories of light. Imagine gliding through calming hues, all while adjusting the brightness to match your vibe. It's a journey of comfort, a dance of radiance that brightens your world.

  • Crafted from natural Wood for a soothing connection to nature
  • Gentle touch to the bird's head brings a warm glow to life
  • Three enchanting colors to suit every mood
  • Built-in battery ensures uninterrupted companionship
  • Perfect gift
  • Charging cable included
  • Size: 15x21.5x6cm / 5.91x8.46x2.36 inches